Checking the Map


A Drive in the 815 is roughly a month old.  Where are we headed?  What would you, dear readers, like to see more of in the future?  Here, I’ll get us started:

  • More frequent updates. I have a hectic schedule, but then, who doesn’t?  I’ll aim for two a week but be happy with one.
  • Freshen up the layout a bit. I’d like to have thumbnail views of my posts.  That way readers can pick and choose what to read rather than being thrown right into the latest post.
  • More local business profiles. Get in touch if you’d like your business profiled here.  I know that as a DeKalbian and diehard music lover, I’m interested to investigate who’s picking up the live music slack around here in light of Otto’s January, 2014 (temporary?) closing
  • More links to other blogs/community building.
  • Get further familiarized with photography/camera settings.

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